Waste Management in Construction Industry

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This paper characterises the importance of waste minimisation techniques such as reducing, reusing, recycling, and disposing of construction waste, addressing the most common factors that affect the reuse and recycling of construction waste. It also provides a guidelines on process and practices to manage construction waste on-site.


The scope of analysis for the paper was developed based upon the following waste management hierarchy, in order of preference: reduce/minimize waste generation; reuse waste materials for their original intended purpose; recycle waste materials for other use; dispose of remaining materials.
The construction industry, and particularly design, construction, demolition, upgrade and maintenance of structures have a tremendous impact on environment and natural resources. The resulting waste materials, their volume minimisation and their reuse or recycling have been of concern to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other legislating bodies for some time now. The demolition of existing structures and the construction of new ones to meet the needs of a growing nation generate an enormous amount of debris, some of it even hazardous in nature. Disposing of construction and demolition debris in landfills consumes enormous amounts of difficult to develop space and is both economically and environmentally costly. ...
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