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IT The Next Five Years

blem with this approach of enquiry is that it does noe present a very braod defination of the problem and presents a very limited set of observations to come to a single conclusion. (Indiana University. School of Business, Indiana University. Bureau of Business Research, 1993)
This method of enquiry assumes that there is one particular solution to any problem and no multiple solutions can exist. This system of enquiry assumes that there is only one particular truth and everything else other than this truth is false and should be discarded. It analyses a particular problem by breaking it into different parts, providing a solution to each of these solutions and thus from these individual solutions; a final solution is deduced. (British Psychological Society, 2007)
The main thing to be considered in the multiple reality enquiry process is that different solutions to a particular problem are discussed and analyzed. These different solutions in the end may be discarded or accepted. ...
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The process of enquiry is used by humans personally or by organizations for removing any particular doubt, providing a solution to a problem and thus augments the knowledge in the process. (Delaney, 1993) .An enquiry system thus can be defined as a means of producing this knowledge for humans…
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