Data Warehousing

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In the world today, many organizations are implementing advanced technologies that are aimed at improving the performance of the organizations. The importance of the technologies is to ensure that an organization achieves it goals and objectives within the stipulated period of time and in the appropriate manner.


It focuses on how well the data is stored for better analysis and reporting of information by the analysts. There are tools that are used to move the data into the storage area and the intelligence tools ensure there is efficiency in delivery of services to the customers. The high changing technology is important for an organization since it integrates data for easier analysis and data reporting. It also assists organizations to get more information about the business, assists companies to meet the business requirements, demands of the customer and eventually helps a company to be at a competitive advantage over their competitors ( SCN Education BV 2001).
Most organizations gather their data from various sources such as; inventory management, online and sales services as the data has to go through the data Life cycle management so that it can be useful to the organization. The tools that are used in gathering the summarized data from various sources into the data warehouse are online analytical processing systems and the query tools. The tools are used in supporting adhoc analysis, inquiring and reporting of the data to the end-users without asking for assistance from the programmers while undertaking the required tasks in the appropriate manner (Witten & Frank 2000).
Data warehousing is easy to maintain and fast in generating reports. ...
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