Teledermatology with 3D vision

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The application of Telemedicine in dermatology (Teledermatology) has a great potential as an alternative means of health care delivery. The benefits of Teledermatology can only be realized if it is more user-friendly and efficient so that it can be used as a reliable and accurate substitute for traditional face to face consultations.


To enhance the vision to a 3D immersive environment we propose the use of inherent human stereoscopic vision. Using the twin camera for 3D data acquisition and Head-Mounted 3D display system this can be easily achieved. Compression and decompression software can be used to minimize the bandwidth requirement to transfer the data between patient's end and doctor's end through internet.
Dermatology is a visual specialty and it is an ideal candidate to harness the latest innovation in communications technology to change the way dermatological care is delivered to the patients independent of time or place. The inherently visual nature of dermatology makes it and ideal candidate for virtual medicine (Pak, H. S, 2002, PP 179-89). The lack of dermatological care to patients due to low number of Dermatologists especially in rural areas are fuelling interest in this stream. Using telemedicine in dermatology can be very effective because 20% of general practitioners are unable to diagnose twenty of the most common dermatological diseases. Teledermatology can help providing dermatologic care to patients isolated geographically reducing transportation expenses and the time spent. In general, telemedicine has been increasingly recognized as an important component in the modernization of the health care system. ...
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