Home Heating Systems Improvment

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The increase in the need for an energy efficient and environment friendly heating system in the UK is the driving force for the research conducted in this report. The increase in the intensity of cold weather like the severe cold spells during the winter of year 2006 has increased the need for an efficient heating system in both the commercial and domestic environments.


In this paper a critical analysis on the areas of improving the heating systems in the UK homes is presented to the reader.
This chapter provides an insight on the heating systems used in the domestic heating along with the analysis of energy consumption by the equipments. The chapter also investigates the effects of the heating systems on the atmospheric pollution and the depletion of non-renewable sources of energy.
This chapter investigates the design constructs of the buildings and the heating systems that influence the efficiency of the heating systems. The investigation is focused upon the comfort requirements of the residents of a building as the end-user (i.e.) the person living in the houses are the judge for the optimum level of temperature in their place.
This chapter presents an overview of the objectives set out in this report followed by the conclusion to the report. The analysis on the objectives will justify the consistency of the research to achieve the aim of this report.
A heat-generating device, which generates the heat energy mostly in the form of a boiler, is the first e ...
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