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Essay example - Global Technology

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The effects of globalization and the Internet technological advancements could be observed at a global scale in the 21st century. Because of the multinational corporations' worldwide operations and the Internet's ability to bring people closer, different cultures are intermingling with each other…

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This paper investigates into the extent to which the Internet technology and globalization are paving way for the development of a global culture. It also sheds light on how multinational corporations and the technology are causing cultures to blend into one another.
Advancement in technology and globalization has led to the creation of a global culture where people around world taste the same food, enjoy the same music and drive the same cars. Globalization in the form of multinationals entering into new markets has caused the global dispersion of products and services. Youngelson-Neal, Neal, and Fried propound that "multinational enterprises and sophistical forms of technology are the locomotive forces driving these dramatic changes." (31) The changes that have occurred in the world due to the vast operations of multinational corporations for the last several decades are now being termed as promoters of a culture that is experienced by people globally. Multinational corporations have been the main drivers of this cultural revolution because of these companies' ever expanding global activities.
The Internet has played a great role in the creation of global culture by removing the distance virtually. ...
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