Protecting Intellectual Property

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Ideas can be considered intellectual property if they are developed into a specific plan from idea to useful structure. By looking into all aspects of the way in which the idea can be presented in the workplace and protecting that presentation through copyright, patent, design rights, or trademarks (Business Link: Protecting Your Intellectual Property, 2005), the idea then becomes an intellectual property with the owner holding certain exclusive rights depending on the method of protection that is chosen.


whether it is a written manuscript, an invention for the workplace, a design unique to a specific company, or a trademark that will identify exclusively the company that owns it. Each type of property requires a different method of protection. Which method fits which property is the main thrust of this essay plan. Each method will be discussed and will include a model of the intellectual property for which the method is best suited. References will be annotated and presented in Harvard style. The body of the essay will expand on each model, discussing methods of protection and the steps needed to safeguard a specific intellectual property.
A writer has developed a manuscript of 300 pages on how to start an online business. He considers his ideas unique and is convinced there are no published books that utilize his ideas. How can he protect this intellectual property This property calls for a copyright, and there are several ways to get one. The simplest way for those who have concerns about protection, is to mail your manuscript to yourself, and when you receive it, don't open it. File it away. This, however, is not really necessary. ...
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