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Multimedia Website Development

Content is still the most significant aspect of a good website. No amount of technology or graphic artistry can substitute for poor content. In addition, just because technology can do many things nowadays does not necessarily mean that these things suit the needs of the target market or that these things should actually be done. Many times, simple design and tools will do the job (Garrand 2006: 3).
Webpage authors usually do not realize that many users still work on slow, older versions of computers and slow internet connections (Garrand 2006: 6). They often create multi-media content on sites mainly for high-speed connections without realizing that many users cannot view them. Designers should identify their audience. The potential visitors will influence how a website author creates the media content. A few questions to consider are:
After ample consideration on the technical questions above, the web author or designer may also ask, "How familiar are the users with computers and the internet" Too often, people miscalculate the limitations and complexities people encounter in using computers (Garrand 2006: 12). Hence, efforts are worthless when navigating the technology devours and surpasses actual viewing or listening time. Consider that users may often struggle with computer-related concerns. ...
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The focus of this paper is the basic processes of the development of a fully interactive multi-media website. Actual execution of these processes will differ depending on the scope and nature of the site.
A designer should aim to develop the ideas into a particular niche in one field instead of try to cover many things…
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