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Thirdly, all the functional and non-functional requirements are identified. A Data Flow Diagram is provided which illustrates the penetrations of the system and associated information flow from all the entities involved.
6. The maintenance service of the trucks are not carried out in an orderly fashion, sometimes it's too early and sometimes late.


Solution: An enterprise wide system (ERP) can be developed so as to capture the different modalities of the business and integrate into one big system. A proper relational database must be also established to take care of the information which needs to be dealt with.
2. The problem of recording the customer service info is telephonic based which can be problematic with respect to phone line busy due to traffic, phone line damages which hinder loss of customers and requirement of many front desk personnel to handle it.
Solution: A web based system (Client-Server Model)can be developed for the customers to browse the service required and request can be placed accordingly. It cuts down all phone barriers and traffic at the service provider's end to record the requests.
Solution: The service bill can be delivered online after the customer confirms the service request to be closed. After that the payment is made online and feedback is sent out. The online payment system can be implemented for customer ease.
The DSS will capture all the processes currently occurring in an organization and make decisions on the basis of that. ...
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