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The wastewater treatment plants installed for the protection of the environment are now subjected to intense introspection for their sustainability of operations. Most of the treatment plants have been designed with high energy demanding machinery considering the final state of effluents to meet the standards set for their disposal.


Thus most of these plants are either inefficient or cause considerable strain on the operational cost. Thus several solutions in terms of sustainable sewage treatment methods have been proposed that takes into account the overall treatment efficiency and resource consumption. Thus the research work is planned to assess the sustainability potential of wastewater treatment plants in United Kingdom and attempts to generate the needed information for the promotion of sustainable wastewater treatment methods.
The treatment plants currently in operation are assessed for the existing state of operations. Also, their priority for setting up or converting the present systems into sustainable ones were also undertaken. The studies have also tried to evaluate a few of the technologies that are considered sustainable. The reed based treatment units consisting of naturally occurring agents - like microorganisms and small aquatic plants - was one such case considered here. This has helped to highlight the potential benefits and the limitations of these units have under the existing conditions in United Kingdom. The research also gives opinions on the on-technical interventions necessary for the large-scale acceptance of sustainable wastewater treatment methods. ...
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