Amazon Website and Usability Issues

Case Study
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The technological evolution of the internet over the decades has brought in features that embed many facilities into the web applications. The concept of obtaining services and having the products delivered at the door step has been enhanced over the features that are inculcated in the Web site.


Despite this emphasis, many websites seem to ignore issues of usability, content accessibility and universal design. This report aims at analyzing the features that form the fundamental backbone of a good website for the end users. A case study is discussed in further sections that portray the web usability features associated with
Unless a website meets the need of the intended users, it will not meet the needs of the organization providing the website. An efficient website should be user centric and needs to continuously improvise based on the evolving user requirements.
It is essential to define business objectives, usability goals and intended context of use well in advance (Macleod, 1994). In this context business objectives of a site include answers to crucial questions such as such, what are the main purposes of the website, who are the websites target audience, success factors, evaluation criteria and budget. The websites contexts of use include information such as important user groups, frequency of visits, user's past experience and expertise, socio-cultural issues, user's needs and client side technical information. Once this Meta information is collected and analyzed a website design should proceed. Usability can be measured in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction (Hix & Hartson, 1993: ISO 9241-11, 1998: Jordon, 1998).
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