Designing in Adobe Flash CS3

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Have you ever wonder how some things get made Did you ever think what it might take to learn how to make something from scratch using available technology Here, we have endeavored to learn a new process by describing a known one. The basic idea was to use a Flash created system as a marketing tool for an imaginary bakery.


So, we started with an audio of people saying," Hurry!" along with a zooming image of a finished cake. Then we presented the mixing, baking, and decorating steps of the cake making process along with appropriate images and text. We close our media with the "hurray" and zooming cake image.
Now we make a critical evaluation of our process and suggest improvements. In hindsight, we should have implemented some of the more automated elements of Flash CS3 to augment our work flow. Furthermore, we could have interpolated tutorials more consistently throughout the process to keep abreast of the features available for animation. A particularly challenging aspect was that of the flash action scripting. Although we are versed in a number of web-based technologies, Flash Action Scripting is inordinately complicated compared to its JavaScript counterparts.
Although most of the process was completed without the aide of additional sources, we have delineated a number of tutorials that may be helpful in becoming more efficient with Adobe Flash and its related technologies. I am so confident that the process can be simplified that I suggest the following timetable subsequent, similar, projects.
I would follow this two day rotation twic ...
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