Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge

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The scope here is primarily to conduct Finite Element Analysis of a Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge. While it has been attempted to gather a thorough understanding of steel properties, its impact due to various treatments and other aspects of construction with steel, the article primarily deals with detail description of any arch bridge and dilutes down to pedestrian steel bridges alone with a specific design…


Finite-element model of the bridge which is primary focus here is updated to minimize the differences between analytically and experimentally estimated dynamic characteristics by changing boundary conditions..
While there has been detailed analysis and interpretation in the forth coming sections, a few basic definitions have also been added to facilitate the study here and address several challenges in the process as far as concepts and standards are concerned.
We are aware that there are thousands of different kinds of steel. We know there is no one material called steel, just as there is no one material called plastic. Steel is the general name given to a large family of alloys of iron with carbon and a variety of different elements. The properties of steel vary based on even small differences in the composition of the steel which can have a dramatic effect on its properties. The properties of the steel can also be modified by different mechanical and heat treatments. This very attribute of steel leads us to understand why is steel so versatile, keeping in view the range of products and usages Steel has and the broad horizon it covers.
Steel is ...
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Finite-element model of the bridge which is primary focus here is updated to minimize the differences between analytically and experimentally estimated dynamic characteristics by changing boundary conditions.…
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