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Database System for SmallLocal Dvdvideo Shop.

Multiple sets can be ordered and rentals can be renewed online.
When customers make their first rental, they will be assigned a customer reference number which will identify them, and the details to be linked to this number will be the address and contact details. Failure to return the rental will result in customers being levied a full week's rental at 9.99 every 14 days until the rental is returned.
Marvin would like the system to keep a store of customer details which can be accessed at the push of a button, he wants to be able to retrieve rental and returns information, as well as have a user-friendly interface to log in transactions.
He also wants the system to perform financial calculations, which can be printed and reported on. Most of all, Marvin would like the system to be compatible with his current hardware and software requirements, and the system should also be able to interact with existing spreadsheets. In a nutshell, Marvin is not looking to change his computer or buy new software to meet this requirement.
When a customer seeks to rent out a title, Marvin will access the rentals form of the database which will allow him to enter the customer's membership number, and record the details and cost of the titles required. ...
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Marvin Bird owns and runs a DVD and video rental shop called Box Set Rentals, in Sheffield, United Kingdom. His business specializes in television series, spin-offs and US series that are not aired on UK television. The aims of Box Set Rentals are to offer a unique group of DVDs and videos at a competitive price with competitive terms.
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