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Sustainable Housing

The homes form part of the Creative Energy Homes research project, managed by the University of Nottingham that aims to stimulate new design ideas for environmentally sustainable housing. (Zero Carbon Hub, 2009)
Operation: The boiler uses wood pellets for heating water to a temperature of about 74C which can then be used for hot water requirements and also for space heating. Temperature-control is achieved by means of a thermostat.
Wood pellets are a recycled by-product of sawmills and other mechanical wood-processing plants which would otherwise be discarded and go for landfill.. This clean organic product does not put demand on any fresh supply of resources; instead it is a renewable clean-burning wood-based fuel (Nu-Heat, n.d.) The process involving wood-pellet manufacture does not involve use of chemicals, instead the naturally occurring lignin in wood acts as a binding agent.
The credit for this invention goes to Mr. Jerry Whitfield of the Pyro industries of Burlington, Washington. He was the first person to demonstrate how wood pellets can be successfully used as an energy-efficient resource. He did this by creating a wood pellet burner similar to an oil burner and felt that this could be easily retrofitted to an existing hot water boiler (Chase, Victor, D., 1999).
This invention further developed into a technology involving use of wood pellets for heating purpose. ...
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The pursuit for a cleaner and healthier living environment and the intervention of innovative technologies has caused the integration of sustainability into the building industry. Let us examine how green / sustainable technology has been incorporated into the HVAC system.
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