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Human Computer Interaction in Computing

Then the methods used for implementing these interfaces will be discussed and listed. Next the techniques for evaluating and comparing these interfaces will be analyzed, followed by information on why it is necessary to develop new interfaces and interaction techniques. Lastly the development of descriptive and predictive models and theories of interaction will be discussed.
From the early 80's a number of different methodologies outlining techniques for human-computer interaction design has emerged. Most of these stemmed from models of how users, designers and technical systems interact. Current models are more focused on constant feedback between users, designers and engineers on what type of experiences users want to have. Where early methodologies treated users; cognitive processes as predictable and quantifiable and encouraged design practitioners to look to cognitive science results in areas such as memory and attention when designing user interfaces. Currently engineers and designers utilise such a wide range of design methodologies and due to space limitations only a few will be discussed in this essay.
The first design methodology I will discuss is called User-Centered Design or UCD. ...
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Human Computer Interaction or HCI is a discipline that covers much more than just the human interface; it also covers the study, design, construction and implementation of human-centric computer systems. Research in HCI has dramatically changed the fundamentals of computing over the past decade, with virtually all software written today based on concepts researched first at universities…
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