Building Information Modelling

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The role of information technology in the construction operations has become very significant. The important operations being supported through the information technologies are usage of software for the drafting requirements, building analysis and design, project scheduling and management activities, web enabled services for business creation, supply chain management activities and also client management activities.


Thus is it necessary to have effective interoperability of various activities to achieve a comprehensive increase in overall efficiency.
Building information modeling (BIM) is an approach to achieve missing component of interlinkages across different construction operations. The BIM aims in the wider use of digital three dimensional model exercises rather than conventional two-dimensional representations of construction details. Further, inspite of the large-scale use of software for different applications, the flexibility in achieving the life cycle based analysis and design is seldom achieved in the conventional practices. BIM offers considerable flexibility in the planning and analysis of systems. Every stage of the building or any construction project could be evaluated on the real terms using the advanced techniques of virtual reality. Also, the considerable rework could also be avoided thus resulting in the reduction of operation time. Even a small change in the plan could be linked to the design solution, material choice selection and also in the scheduling and project management plan. The usage of BIM would ensure advantages to both the client as well as the company. ...
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