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Internet Chat System

It has methods that allow read and write byte streams through the socket. TCP/IP server applications rely on a networking class provided by Java, This class takes most of the work out of establishing a server. ServerSocket allows you to bind a port and wait for clients to connect, setting up a complete Socket object at that time. After communications are complete with the client, the server must close the streams and then close the Socket instance.
Since the application requires multi-user, with Java's multithreading available, the creation of multithreaded server application is used which allows simultaneous connections with many clients. This multithreaded-server structural design is specifically network servers utilise.
In this dissertation, the use of Java Networking Sockets to create multi-user online chat system is presented. In order to provide real-time instant access to clients, the client application is installed or embedded on a web page for easy access as java applet.
This dissertation has not made possible without the help of some key persons who in one way or the other help succeed in the completion of this paper. To Mr./Ms. (insert name of adviser or instructor), who served as my adviser and instructor with this paper. ...
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This dissertation presents the designing and development of Internet Chat System using the Java object-oriented programming language. With the utilisation Java Network Programming and Java Applet Programming, the multi-user chat system is embedded over a web page using HTML coding…
Author : nicolasmilton

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