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The communications process model

This is also known as the Advertising Communication Model.
The CPM involves six basic steps, three for each of the two parties i.e. marketer and marketed. The marketer initiates the process by having the idea in his or her mind, which then gets encoded and transmitted. The marketed as the receiver of the communication, then receives the idea, decodes the message and interprets the idea. This basic model is the same in whichever marketing context it is applied. For example, the marketing manager may have an idea or instruction which will then be encoded into a suitable form for marketing or perhaps given over to an advertising agency for the purpose. An appropriate media mix will then be used to create the advertising campaign to deliver the message to the target audience. Marketers seek to make the communication process as effective as possible so that the intended message gets across and the likelihood of the expected response is maximised. Moreover, this often has to be done in competition with messages from other similar marketers each vying for the same potential customers' attention and positive response. In today's world, this ability to 'cut through the clutter' is a real issue.
In the context of marketing, an understanding of the importance of the elements involved in the CPM is essential as well as how t ...
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This paper seeks to explain why it is important for marketers to understand each of the elements in the Communications Process Model (CPM), and to detail the new communications channels that have emerged over the last decade and their impact on the use of the promotion mix…
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