Web Based Instructional Intervention and Information Literacy.

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Web Based Instructional Intervention and Information Literacy.
Experts, instructors, teachers, librarians and trainers are employing the World Wide Web to give students and those wishing to gain knowledge more opportunities to learn.


Web-based instruction strategies employ the Internet in delivering instructional information. A current teaching method can be supported by web-based instruction can support an existing teaching method or computer-based instructional methods can be used instead of the existing method of teaching. These act as an extension of colleges and universities, businesses, teachers, and/or parents in providing learning opportunities to various individuals such as students and employees.

Learning via web-based instructional intervention and information literacy allows users to learn at their convenience as the Internet allows learning, instructing, and training to go on regardless of location and time. The instruction is not limited to a classroom at a set hour. Students and users work according to their learning style and pace. Traditional learning usually causes users to work at the pace of others and various learning styles cannot be accommodated. Hence, learning may be hindered. Additional advantages are that online education provides more affordability, flexibility, and options. Also, opportunities for learning, growth, and increased jobs are also a plus with online education.
In the past, academic libraries relied on statistics such as: number of users, number of books and journals, etc. to prove their importance to the education institution with which they are affiliated. ...
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