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Emergence and Development of M-Commerce

They argue that the availability and the advantage of being able to conduct all the business operations using mobile devices would have tremendous advantages over conventional e-commerce solutions in that users can now conduct their operations wherever they are (Searchmobilecomputing, 2006). However, industry gurus are of the view that such a development in the field would result into either of the two different possibilities listed below:
So what does one mean by using mobile devices to conduct business. In simple words, this essentially means that companies can use the mobile medium to broadcast information on their products and services thereby allowing them to reach millions of potential customers in the minimal cost. The idea is given more momentum by the explosive growth in the sales of mobile phones and devices. Add to that the fact that the number of users of devices other than conventional mobile phones such as palmtops and PDAs are virtually on the rise with every passing day. But, a fact that needs mention here is that such hand held devices have not been taken into consideration in the current framework. In general, the ACCC (2005) has given the following definition to M-Commerce that has been described below:
"Mobile commerce or 'm-commerce' is part of the shift of technology into mainstream business an ...
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The term M-Commerce refers to the advent of the modern age of establishing commerce and business by using mobile technologies. In fact, within the computing world, the potential advantages of implementing solutions based on M-Commerce have become the most sought after thing of late…
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