Selection of a Car Transmission System

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A comfortable and cost-effective transport is essential as much for a satisfying personal life as for professional working needs. Cars are the most common vehicles that are largely used by one and all for work and personal pursuits. I have been directed by the Manager of my company to compare the transmission systems of cars and to make recommendations for selection of one out of them.


Among all these criteria, I would like to examine two that I consider to be important, namely comfort, and cost-effectiveness.
The number of models and makes of cars available in the marketplace today is mind-boggling. It would hardly be possible to compare and contrast the merits and demerits of all such models. Instead, I shall be examining the transmission systems of only two models, namely the Honda CVT, and the THM 350.
The Turbo Hydra-Matic (THM) 350 is an automatic transmission system, largely used by General Motors (GM) and other automobile makers. It has a three-element hydraulic torque converter and two planetary gear sets. Other transmission components include four multiple-disc clutches, two roller clutches, and one intermediate overrun band, all of which act together as the friction elements. Working pressure is provided by a hydraulic system, which is pressurized by a gear type pump (
A major weakness that has been pointed out in THM 350 is the second gear mechanism that uses intermediate roller clutches or sprag. This mechanism uses a band in place of clutch packs. As a result frequent failure of the second gear has been reported, particularly during racing campaigns, leading to increased cost of repairs. ...
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