Role of Information Structure And Innovative Internet Technologies In the Organizational Efficiency of DVLA - Case Study Example

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Role of Information Structure And Innovative Internet Technologies In the Organizational Efficiency of DVLA

This essay stresses that the DVLA website offers easy and structure menu listing under the headings like Online services which list all types of transactions the website offers and the Forms that a user can download and the publications the user can read and access. Along with the main listing the website offers search criteria for general search and context based search in the form of Browse the Register of Number Plate Suppliers and Search the Register of Number Plate Suppliers. The website also gives the Sitemap to locate the non prominent services or listings from the about us link. DVLA has taken up a casework system across two customer service departments for Driver Customer Services (DCS) and Customer Enquiry Drivers (CED). While processing application forms and transactions, DVLA has to deal with exceptions, or "casework", where information is incomplete or incorrect and needs further investigation.
This paper makes a conclusion that though DVLA is one among the Vehicle registration websites of different countries, the uniqueness of the Information system comes along with the adoption of innovative technologies like on road Camera systems for Vehicle Identification systems and instant retrieval of information for case investigations. The strategy is not only planned by the government but is made a reality for the effective service of the public in the form of online registration for licensing and taxing systems. ...
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This report talks that information is gaining much importance in the organizations irrespective of their nature and type of functions. Government is assumed to be the major holder of all types of information and hence public seek a responsibility from the government in information process…
Author : alvenamcclure

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