Practical User Interface Design

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Author: Carl Zetie has over a decade of experience in software systems design. He regularly presents seminars on Graphic User Interface Designs and has worked on client/server and User Interfaces tools across the world. He currently works for ORACLE (1995).


The main emphasis of the book is on practical methods rather than a theoretical one. The author highlights relevant information; skills and techniques needed in the process of designing of an attractive and efficient interface. Several factors affecting the design, efficiency and usability of User interfaces including common errors made are highlighted throughout the book.
By dividing the book into five (5) chapters, the author is able to clearly examine Graphic User Interface's (GUIs). All the chapters of the book are coherent and not isolated or independent in topic content. He proposes incorporating fundamental principles for industrial and domestic designs and their concept to the Graphic user interface design. These principles are broadened through levels increasing from the most theoretical to practical using examples of various graphic user interface implementation on a windowing platform such as in Windows; the Apple Mackintosh (Mac), Motif and other X-Windows based systems. A GUI designer team should possess relevant skills such as Graphics design, System Analysis, Cognitive and Task Engineering skills.
I. Fundamental principles of design: the first principle states 'simple tasks deserve simple interfaces' while the second principles similarly states that 'complex tasks demand guidance and elucidation'. ...
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