scour of pipelines

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The scouring is a natural phenomenon that occurs to all the underwater structures. Underwater pipelines are very important components in the offshore operations of oil and gas companies. Due to importance attached to the safety and durability of these pipelines appropriate management and monitoring systems need to be evolved to ensure adequate protection to the underwater pipelines.


The isolated effect of currents, waves along with the combined effect of waves and currents are considered for the determination of the scour depth. These information would give the relative influence of various parameters that are involved in the scour prediction and hence would provide necessary information on the durability aspect of underwater pipe systems. Also, these would also help to frame necessary maintenance and monitoring programme with the help of advanced technological components for proper functioning of the underwater pipelines.
Scour is a natural phenomenon that occurs below all the underwater structures like bridge piers, vertical pilings, seawalls, break water structures and pipelines. Scouring of structures could cause extensive damage that reduces the functionality of the project itself. From the various field observations and research works undertaken the various reason that often lead to scour under most of the marine structures are numerous. The scour under most of the marine structures result from any of the following reasons or in combination with any of them (Hughes, n.d.).
As the waves get reflected after striking the obstruction lying underneath results in the increase of orbital velocit ...
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