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The objective is to develop a Network for a company. The company has four separate offices, Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Stoke. Each office has its own requirements, which are based upon the function of that office.
requires moving ahead to improve its overall communication and information sharing ability so that it can improve efficiency.


LANs offer users several advantages, including shared access to devices and applications, file exchange between connected users, and communication between users via electronic mail and other applications.
A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network that interconnects users with computer resources in a geographic area or region larger than that covered by even a large local area network (LAN) but smaller than the area covered by a wide area network (WAN).
The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. Each Internet computer, called a host, is independent. Its operators can choose which Internet services to use and which local services to make available to the global Internet community. There are a variety of ways to access the Internet, either through an online service like AOL or through a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Intranet is as "An infrastructure based on Internet standards and technologies that supports sharing of content within a limited and well-defined group." The "infrastructure" referred to the organizational and management infrastructure that created, managed, and shared the content. The physical network is based on the Internetworking Protocol (IP) like the Internet.
The question suggests usage of a subnet. ...
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