Code of Sustainable Homes

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The global climate is a result of the complex interactions between the atmosphere, cryosphere (ice), hydrosphere (oceans), lithosphere (land) and biosphere (life), fueled by the non-uniform spatial distribution of incoming solar radiation (Stute et al, 2001) Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and averting the worst climate change is both a global issue as well as an environmental and economic issue for the United Kingdom.


Presently the world is going through the global warming phase; the cause has been attributed to increasing green house gases from industrial, commercial and various other residential activities. Goodall (2007:3) mentions that fewer people know the details regarding the amount of carbon dioxide are generated in their day to day activities. It is further mentioned that only air travels, each person travelling by air is responsible for 12.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year in United Kingdom. It is important to mention that half of the total carbon emissions results from the way in which we live i.e. running our homes and getting from place to place in car or plane. Bergman et al (2007) states that household ownership of electronics, such as televisions, domestic IT and other gadgets has increased rapidly and expected to continue to rise over the next years making the consumer electronics, the biggest single sector of home electricity consumption. And moreover, the number of households is increasing with the increased growth in population year by year causing an increased environmental burden and introducing social sustainability issues. ...
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