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The Internet and the World Wide Web

It is an actively evolving social network which brings together myriad topics into a uniform hypertextual medium. It looks like a giant graph with hypertext, pages and edges as its nodes. Closely observed, the Web reveals textual matter, a tag structure, site identity and organization. In simple terms, the Web is just one of the basic structures of the much broader internet.
The internet was first conceptualized in 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US. The internet operates on the basis of packets of data traveling to various addresses at high speed. The TCP/IP mandates that every computer connected to the internet must have an identity code that serves as its address on the net. This address used to be 16 bits in length (IPv4) but currently a 128-bit long (IPv6) is slowly replacing the original type which lacks enough variants to match the high proliferation of computers on the net. Each address, just like an e-mail address, must be unique and therefore distinct from any other.
For the service to function well each service protocol is assigned a unique transport method and at least one numeric identifier ranging from 0 to 65535. This identifier is known as the port, short form of transport method used. ...
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The internet and the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) are related but they are not the same thing, as many people assume. The internet is a massive system of interconnected international networks through which people send data in diverse protocols over great distances…
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