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A youth centre in need of a new sponsor in the wake of Leicester City Council stopping its operations after 25 years, requires another sponsor to take over its funding. To present their operations, a website that projects the activities of the community centre to potential sponsors is called for.


In short, Wu language was informational, simple to use and edit, and is able to attract any level of user on websites.
Wu is a pattern language that was developed by Ian Graham. This language followed the pattern of establishing the use case (79 patterns in all), and follow the links. The 79 patterns were categorized into 4 sections:
The final section completes the pattern language with patterns that re-apply the main principles in the context of the workflow sites. The fourth and final figure 4 (;jsessionid=aiTqxc1VL2X5), displays:
The project was developed after studying the requirements for the charity organization that has been existence for close to 25 years. The project set out with the objective of developing a website that could attract investors to run their activities after the former donor, Leicester City Council stopped funding this institution. A research was conducted and a suitable program was developed. The software was made user-friendly to help even novices to operate. ...
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