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MS-Access and Net framework

Access can maintain large database very effectively. The data can be entered into the database and the corresponding report can be generated. When compared to the other database, the complexity of maintaining the records is considerably less.
In Access the records can be maintained in a table format. In this process the data is entered into each row of the table. This is a much easier way of entering the required. Access provides an option of entering data by using Forms. It is a separate interface in which data can be entered and edited. Instead of entering data row by row, the data can be entered using a specialized interface. There are several tools in MS Access which makes it one of the efficient databases. It can be used as a back end for developing any sort of application. Application developed on any language can use Access as their database.
MS Access 2007 includes a feature for user specific report generation. These customized reports can be generated easily. Report Wizard is the additional feature that allows the data to be sorted and grouped. The data to be included in the report can be easily selected. Since this project requires effective report generation, Access is selected as it generates the reports efficiently. This Report wizard allows the user to customize the reports in a serial manner.
This feature allows the ...
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MS Access is one among the widely used database. It is used to develop database and maintain them in a hassle free manner. Since the operations in Access is simple, it is considered to be a user friendly database. Access can manage more number of records and those data can be accessed easily…
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