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Flexibility - If the client's browser is not compatible with flash, there is an alternative webpage which are textual and image based with similar and concise information. But, the site has no visible search tool online.
Constraints - Most of the website content is textual based and with ALT-tags which is an advantage to most users since not all browsers support images and when an inexperienced user accessed the website.


This is an exploratory study that aims to understand the current situation in terms of internet banking utilized by the Royal bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, EGG, and HSBC. Based on evaluation, it indicates that the general visibility of this study is guaranteed but the design standards are not applied to internet banking. The results of this study give users, clients, and researchers more understanding of how Royal bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland, EGG, and HSBC applies there current banking services online with the use of tools via the internet according to the general internet banking website design standards.
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