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Digital Media Master

.. I feel like I'm wasting a fortune just standing here" (Treehouse of Horror VI). This was the attitude of many animators for years who struggled to advance their technology while battling financial constraints.
In the last decade, however, great advancements have been made not only in the capabilities of computer graphic artists and software but in the ability of computers to animate more for less; it didn't hurt that animation studios were granted larger budgets to explore CGI options. Feature films like the CGI breakout hit Toy Story paved the way for more investment in computer animation and now people in the film industry are beginning to wonder whether computer animation is destined to overtake the role of real, live actors.
CGI is an acronym for computer generated imagery; this field encompasses many different specific computer graphics such as landscaping, people, animals, weather and other special effects (Pierson, 2002, 3). 3D computer graphics were primarily used for special effects in TV and movies before the trend of feature length computer animated films caught on, animators focused their efforts on creating new, and ultimately cheaper and less complicated, ways of dealing with onscreen special effects. ...
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Just a few years ago, computer animation was thought to be too complicated and too expensive to achieve in terms of full-length films or even animated shorts. In 1995 when The Simpsons producers decided to tackle computer graphics on their hit show, only a short segment of the half-hour episode was animated with computer graphics due to financial constraints and the difficulties of animating so many different characters and settings…
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