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Essay example - Celebrity Chefs and Hospitality Industry

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Whilst celebrity status is more prominent in the United States, the UK has enjoyed the talents of several outstanding chefs who are also restaurateurs that have achieved celebrity status. What defines a celebrity chef
Celebrity chefs are chefs who have published books on cookery as well as hosting their own television programmes, gaining popularity through their talent and public presence…

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Celebrity chefs have had a part in changing these trends for the better. In addition, celebrity chefs have brought the interest back into cookery at home with exciting and attractive, easy to prepare dishes that offer good nutrition as well as good flavour.
Celebrity chefs have not only entertained viewers for years, they have also begun to undertake educating the public regarding safe food handling, nutrition and other important issues that have fallen by the wayside in modern dual-income society. Their presence has made a positive impact in homes, schools and the hospitality industry by educating people about the foods they choose to eat, how they are prepared in the most nutritious manner, and the most beneficial combinations to eat to promote good health.
Recently the issue of safe food handling took centre stage; the public badly needed education regarding proper handling, cooking and storage temperatures. For a while, this took precedence after the April 2001 edition of the Environmental Health Journal (EHJ) published an article with the issue of hygiene being deemed underemphasized by celebrity chefs. ...
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