Safety at construction sites

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There are rules for maintaining safety at construction sites, and they cover all kinds of projects, locations, organizations and project teams. The success of construction projects is not purely dependent on the kind of structure that stands for everyone to behold when the project team has packed us their construction stuffs and left the sight as a completed project.


There is this select group of people who would then by identified as the stakeholders. This group is composed of people who all have stakes in the success of the project and, therefore, are contributors to the success of the project and the safety of everyone involved.
This paper is designed to objectively identify the stakeholders of construction projects and their contributions specifically to the overall safety of people throughout the project construction and thereafter.
The construction industry has never left its spot as the industry with the highest numbers of reported deaths and injuries. The U.S. data has reported that there were 1,178 casualties from the sector in the year 2007. In the country's construction industry, the recorded rate of 3.7 percent is computed for the fatal injuries that occurred with every 100,000 workers across the country in 2007 (DCN Archives, 2008).
Industry players have been trying in vain to lower the rate of occupational injuries that occur in their respective construction sites. In spite of all the efforts and mechanisms undertaken, the construction industry remains to be the biggest source of casualties at work.
The stakeholders of construction projects include the project owner, the creditors or investors backing up the project, t ...
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