Air Freight Movement at Birmingham International Airport

High school
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Without the continued emotional and financial support provided by my parents, I may have not reached the end of this journey. During my studies there were times when work commitments and intermittent financial stress made me believe that I would not be able to see this journey through.


I cannot express the extent to which his support and understanding of my commitments allowed me to reach the end of this journey. His encouragement, support, understanding and, above all, his prompt, constructive and greatly appreciated criticism and feedback, were invaluable to the research, writing and completion of this study. Thank you.
The research study adopts a case study approach to the investigation of the environmental sustainability of air freight activities at Birmingham international Airport beyond 2008. The environmental aspect focused upon was air quality. In response to this concern, the study reviewed the literature on the impact of airport activities on the surrounding region's air quality and found that there were unavoidable environmental consequences. At the same time, studies also led to the conclusion that airports are economically indispensable as they vitalise the regional economy, attract investment and connect it to the global economy. This is particularly true in relation to air freight activities.
Survey questionnaires and interviews further supported the findings of the literature review. They indicated that while there was an environmental cost to airport activities, especially air freight ones, the economic benefits outweighed the environmental costs. ...
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