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Developing an effective website requires thoughtful planning. Understanding the entire process before one begins will save you time and money as the project progresses. Although sites range from just a few pages to more complex ones with hundreds or thousands of pages and sophisticated interactive features, the development process remains similar.


First of all, the developer must determine who the audience is for the site. This is critical, because many design and content decisions depend on this. Is the site for children or adults' Does the target audience access the Net from work, school or home' How fast is their Internet connection' Do they want to be informed or entertained' The developer must make sure that he knows the answers to these types of questions from the outset.
The site must be well organized, both for the benefit of it's visitors and to make it easier to maintain. Mapping out the site in storyboard or schematic form, perhaps as a flow chart is considered useful. One can consider using index cards to represent the prospective web pages as they can be rearranged very quickly. It really helps to have some way to visualize the structure, whether we are working alone, with colleagues or professionals.
Spending as much time as one can surf the Web at this stage definitely helps. The developer must take a close look at the websites he likes. Many sites credit the design company and link to its website so that all can see what else the developer has done. ...
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