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Relative timing

By comparing the movements of a set of ratios for a limb in action, that is the right and left leg, thee experimenter achieve a more precise method used in viewing relative timing and determining temporal structures of the right and left foot in action.Statement of Purpose.To define the relative timing trend when changing from one class of motion to another, in the case of cycling movements of the right and left foot, and also involve the student in calculating the sets of ratios for relative timing.Hypothesis
Phase ratios will be constant for each trial. Considering the invariant characteristics of the respective movement, interchanging pattern of gait, leads to the two cycles overlapping eventually, hence the assumption of a constant proportion within each category of gait.Method.The relative time for the cycle events are recorded for each trial for the right foot. These include Toe-off, Midswing, Heel Strike and Midstance. These numerical data are entered into excel.The same is procedure is done for the left foot.Using the provided formula for calculation, phase durations and phase ratios are calculated using excel formula of subtraction and division respectively.
Using the insert graph toolbar functions, the graph of phase ratios is derived.The data presented above show set of calculated ratios that define the relative durations for the step cycle of four phases ...
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In understanding how generalized motor programs are characterized in memory, physicist took the step to know which features of movement are constant or invariant in the process of trial with different surfaces. …
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