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Online communication has been a reliable mode of communication for travel and tourism sector.The tourism industry depends on the online communication to market various organizations and provide resourceful information to tourists


The reliability of online communication proves to be efficient in the delivery of information to tourists from diversified regions across the globe. The availability of social media provides relevant methods for the tourism industry to market its services. Tourists have the advantages to make reservations and advanced bookings through online communication means and do not have to be physically present at their preferred tourist destinations to make bookings. Marketing is one of the most reliable impacts that the travel and tourism industry benefits from, both online communication ansd social media. Impacts of Online Communication and Social Media on Travel and Tourism Marketing In the twenty first century the marketing process of travel and tourism made viral marketing possible, which refers to the process whereby the industry applies several marketing methods relying on the use of social media and online communication (Sigala & Gretzel, 2012). Through a sensitive review of the tourism body, there is an offer on comprehensive viral marketing approach that has considerations of the global tourism business. With the availability of online communication and social media tourist destinations have the opportunity to market their brands and involve the audience to gain access to tourists and travelers at an international level. ...
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