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Tourism Name: Course: Tutor: College: Date: Introduction Tourism forms the backbone of a country’s economic, social-cultural and environmental goals for the sustainable development of a country. The success of tourism is highly dependent on proper planning and effective development strategies that would be sustainable both in the short and long term.


This is because the industry is highly sensitive to improper decisions and hence the decision making process must be thorough and predictable. This essay seeks to investigate the role of stakeholder and managers in this industry and the challenges they face during their engagement in the various stages of the development planning process. Stakeholder’s roles in tourism development planning and current challenges facing different stakeholders groups One crucial stakeholder in the tourism industry is the local people who reside in the tourist attraction sites (Fennell, 2001, p. 405). The local people influence the level of acceptability of a project, the efficiency of resource mobilization and hence the effectiveness of any development plans. In the planning stage, they play a key role during the initial research process by providing relevant information regarding the environmental facts within the interesting site (Ozbey, 2002, Para. 2). This information can be used to forecast the challenges that are likely to crop up during the implementation stage. This will help the management to anticipate and plan adequate mitigation measures against the foreseen challenges. Therefore, cooperation of the local people determines the eventual success of tourism project short and long term goals. ...
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