Case study for Tourism and hospitality Workforce

Case study for Tourism and hospitality Workforce Essay example
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Case study for Tourism and hospitality Workforce Name: Institution: Sunrise Hotel Introduction The success of Sunrise hotel largely depends on the effort by the general manager to perfect front office performance. The hotel utilizes ninety-eight percent of its bed capacity during peak seasons and sixty-five percent during low seasons.


Customers determine where they need to be served. Employees need to know this because hotels operate in the service industry (Hsu, 2005). The main point is for the front office staff to know the visitors before and after opening the guest door. It is imperative for employees to always be alert and aware of what goes around them. This is the reason Joe engages with employee selection, recruitment, and training. Interpersonal communication The hiring process marks the start of getting a good front office employee. Since the size of the hotel is small, Joe takes over the responsibilities of the human resources management. He runs the functions that include job analysis, recruiting, and evaluation (Hotel, Catering & Institutional Management Association, 2011). When he carries out these duties, Joe closes the gap between the actual performance and the perfect necessities of the hotel to attain superior organizational success through profitability (Rhodri, 2010). Joe achieves this by enhancing hotel objectives that utilize, develop, and train employees. Joe grew through the ranks from a front office employee to a General Manager. Therefore, he understands the primary factors of success in the hotel, tourism, and hospitality industry. ...
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