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Personal Reflection Name Institution Personal Reflection Introduction My name is Edison, and I am the leader of my group which I have led through four consecutive meetings toward fulfilling the requirements of our group project. My group has four people including myself.


The other team members I lead are J.J (John), Su and Wang. Leadership and Communication (interpersonal communication) Proper communication is a very crucial skill in leadership. Communication is the core element of leadership since the leader is set in a position of dealing with human beings who naturally differ in behavior and emotional stability (Goldhaber, 1993). Different people communicate differently and to set a healthy interpersonal communication among them, the leader has to be knowledgeable of their distinct nature and handle them with relevant and appropriate skills to ensure that work continues in an atmosphere conducive for interpersonal relations (Agarwal, 2010). The leader must develop appropriate communication skills when dealing with his or her subjects. This promotes high productivity among the subject and even sets the working environment full of peace and tranquility (Goldhaber, 1993). In my groups first meeting, everyone maintained the state of tranquility since we were ball strangers and everybody was mindful about the exposure of their true personalities; but, in the second meeting, hell broke loose. Lack of communication; especially between Su and J.J, who seemed to be different in everything from the content of their ideas to the nature of their personalities. It appeared that at times they were both right but had different ways of how they presented their ideas and this led to further confusion. ...
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