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Project Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Overview 4 Comparison of Harbourfront Centre and Banff National Park 5 Harbourfront Centre 5 Brief Overview 5 Tourism Planning Environment 5 Destination Components 6 Tourism Destination Life Cycle 6 Banff National Park 7 Brief Overview 7 Tourism Planning Environment 7 Destination Components 8 Tourism Destination Life Cycle 8 Recommendations 9 Reference 11 Executive summary The world has become a very competitive place because of high connectivity brought forward by the telecommunications technology, internet and the multiple technology based gadgets.


The paper intends to make a comparison between two popular tourist destinations of the country and finally make a few important recommendations for the policy maker associated with the tourism industry of the nation. Overview The world of the 21st century is moving at a fast pace. The fast pace of advancement of the modern day world is happening more on the lines of rapid change and tremendous development. It is of high importance to mention that the evolution of the telecommunication technology along with the process of emergence of high speed internet and various kinds of technology enabled gadgets has resulted in the process of playing a tremendous amount of influence in the lives of the masses around the world. It needs to be mentioned that because of the lines of emergence of high speed internet connectivity, the network of communication channels has improved in a drastic manner all over the world. ...
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