Improve implement of transport route planning in SMEs Company in Thailand

Improve implement of transport route planning in SMEs Company in Thailand Literature review example
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Improve Implement of Transport Route Planning In SMEs Company in Thailand Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Regional economic stability and development can be greatly attributed to the facet of the provision of transport and infrastructure, which are instrumental in the placement of a country’s competitive state.


This role is thus played by transport route planning players, who get the information to the right people, at the right time, and the right cost – as most of these service packages are offered over the internet and accessible to the general public (Niekerk and Voogd 1999; Paulus, Krch and Scholz 2006; National Public Health Partnership 2001). 1. TRANSPORT ROUTE PLANNING 1.1 Definition of transport route planning A transport route planner is a dedicated electronic search engine system, which is used to find the most appropriate journey between two different locations using some mode of transport. Transport route planners have received wide usage in the travel and transport business and industry in general, since the 1970s. These models are run by booking agents, who are accessed over a user interface model from a computer terminal (Oliveira and Ribeiro 2001; Jassen 1992). The services of these agents are supplemented by call support centers, which offer information on transport means and models. ...
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