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Customer Care and Role of the Overseas Representative Table of Contents Rationale behind the Research 3 The Research Questions 4 Aim 4 Objectives 5 Literature Review that Identifies the Key Concepts to be Included 6 Methodology 8 Research Design 8 Data Collection 9 Research Approach 10 References 11 Rationale behind the Research Research is considered to be a logical and systematic study for finding new and useful information based on a selected topic.


Large organisations are observed to be expanding their businesses globally in order to maintain their competitive position amid their competitors by offering an assortment products based on the local needs and preferences (Blaxter & et. al., 2001). However, it has often been viewed that the aim of expanding is considered to be one of the major tasks which at times results in negligence in the way customer satisfaction should be taken care of. With the changing demand in the preference of goods amid people, it has become vital for every organisation to implement new steps that would help them to fulfil the rising demands of their customers. Today’s tourism industry is recognised as one of the growing global industries. It has been measured that today many students selects travel and tourism as their field of study and chose to select it as the way of earning their livelihood. Additionally, tourism industry is viewed to provide challenging and exciting working environment which is attracting more people towards it. Overseas representatives are essentially organisational members who represent themselves as an authorised person to act as an official delegate or agent. ...
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