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Travel Project (Read the instruction) Essay example
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Name Professor’s name Course number Date Travel Essay Travel Project: Milan Travel Philosophy: I never understood the resounding passion circulating in travelling in such a romantic city like Milan. Milan like any other European city is rocked by a deep sense of humanism, art, literature, fashion, architectural designs and an ever rejuvenating Italian culture.


In my stay in the city I intend interact with a variety of cultures and societies; for instance, the rejuvenating football menace courtesy of two giant rival clubs Inter Milan and AC Milan. This essay will guide through a comprehensive out plan for each day that I will apply to feasibly taking into close consideration the determinants of cost and a foreign culture and soil. Tour After going through the Eye witness guide, I was intrigued by what Milan had to offer, firstly, the scenes exhibited in the magazine help me develop a realistic image of the city even though I have never been there before. Through imagery, I got oriented in major aspects of the city; for instance, highways and land marks, definitely Milan was my choice destination. I contacted my passport agency and asked them to book me a flight to the city. I choose an online application where I would supply my names and an image, compared to the traditional manual application. I paid using my credit card United which in this case can be used as well in Milan. Pap the application is done, am already packing my bag. Milan is a city located in the Mediterranean region, and cooler months are expected to begin in October and end in March. ...
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