The impacts of mobile applications on the hospitality industry

The impacts of mobile applications on the hospitality industry Essay example
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The Impacts of Mobile Applications on the Hospitality Industry Name Instructor Course Institution Date The impacts of mobile applications on the hospitality industry Introduction This study focuses on the impacts of mobile applications on hospitality industry.


But one rapidly emerging strategy surpasses the others – the advent of mobile applications (Engel, 2013). Mobile applications include mobile phones, iPods, iPods and other tablets, computers, social media and the internet altogether (Engel, 2013). Such mobile applications, obviously coming with enhancing technology such as the internet, have had huge impacts on the hospitality industry, to be particular. In this paper, the various impacts are addressed including: providing high levels of efficiency; reducing operational costs; improving image of the hospitality agencies and entities; reaching high of clients; providing an efficient platform on which clients table their comments; and encouraging organizational accountability to the clients. Providing high levels of efficiency Needles to mention, it is a goal of every hospitality organization to make its daily operations efficient (Singh & Sirdeshmukh, 2000; Kotler & Keller, 2009). This the juncture at which various mobile applications pop in with full swing. They have completely wiped out the old manual ways of performing various activities. Engel (2013) gives an example of how tedious and clumsy things were before the introduction of Wi-Fi technology – house keeping supervisors used to walk long distances just to ensure room attendants stuck on their duties and to give directions. Later, the advent of Wi-Fi technology came with iPod Touch and iPad devices (Engel, 2013). ...
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