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The Impacts Of Mobile Applications On The Hospitality Industry

In other words, communication was made easier and repeated walks became a thing of the past. In a similar way, the receptionists had an easy time recording the number of guests going in and out of the respective premises (Engel, 2013). Mobile phones have as well improved communication efficiency. It is easier for a client to directly call the management to raise complaints and book appointments than with the old way of using letters (Engel, 2013). Also, almost all hospitality organizations have pages on social media and/ websites where potential clients can post comments and ask questions while sitting at their respective homes (Withiam, 2013). In the meantime, it is now possible, in many hospitality firms, to buy tickets online while sitting at home. Obviously, such clients are happy about how easy such and similar processes become and any hospitality organization that runs its operations using the manual ways of the past is considered as lagging behind times (Barnes, 2004; Hotel News Resource, 2013).
Reducing operational costs
Mobile technologies have gone an extra mile in reducing operational costs. Advertising costs, for instance, have been greatly cut short by the presence of social media. It is hard to find any meaningful hospitality organization without Facebook, Twitter and website to name a few (Hotel News Resource, 2013). Such social media platforms assist in reaching great numbers of potential clients from diverse background and or around the globe (Withiam, 2013). ...
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The study "The Impacts Of Mobile Applications On The Hospitality Industry" focuses on the impacts of mobile applications in the hospitality industry. As this study has shown, it is safe to conclude that mobile application has developed positive impacts on the hospitality industry. …
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