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FOOD TOURISM OF NOHO, NYC Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Food Tourism of Noho Nyc Abstract The primary objective of this research paper is to discuss food tourism in the context of Noho, NYC. Food tourism has become the most critical part of the tourism industry.


Factors that contribute to increased food tourism in Noho can be categorized into socio-economic factors, changes in technology and product development. Economic recession, love for home-cooked meals, rising number of baby boomers, stiff competition and lack of knowledge about the significance of food tourism are among the factors that reduce demand for food tourism of Noho, NYC. The stakeholders in the food tourism industry of Noho need to strategize on how to mitigate the effects of limiting factors and maximize on the factors stimulating increased food tourism. Key words: Noho, foods, tourits, New York City, food tourism Introduction Food tourism is currently growing at a high rate, and is becoming one of the most dynamic and creative segments in the tourism industry. Food tourism is crucial in economies since it stimulates local, regional, and national economic development. The World Food Travel Association defines food tourism as the pursuit of the unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences1. Food tourists have interests in exploring unique food places filled with memorable experiences. Food tourists primarily intend to experience the food of the region, country, or area in designated places and restaurants. ...
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