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negative in foreigners worker in the uae Essay example
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(Student Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) 20th November 2013 Negative side impacts of foreign workers in UAE United Arab Emirates is a country that is located in the Middle East of Arab countries and it borders the gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf.


United Arab Emirates is geographically located along the desert and mountains in the east. The system of the governance in the United Arab Emirates is federal type of government; this means that the government is composed of legislative, executive and the judicial. The powers are delegated to the United Arab Emirates federal government and the rest of powers are reserved for its members. The president in the United Arab Emirates is the head of the state and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates is the head of the government. United Arab Emirates is known for stable economic growth, this is due to open market economy in which the prices of commodities (goods and services) are always determined in free price systems and this makes United Arab Emirates to stabilize its economy. Like other states world wide where they have to associate themselves with trade organization, United Arab Emirates is a member of council of Arab economic unity (CAEU). United Arab emirate (UAE) is known for high and rising oil prices and good economic growth in the market. The economy of United Arab Emirates from 1999 to 2008 has been growing at a rate of 10%. This gives other states challenges since with a growth of 10%; it indicates UAE is going to offer stiff competition in the international market. ...
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