An analysis of the positive and negative economic impacts of Heathrow Airport

An analysis of the positive and negative economic impacts of Heathrow Airport Essay example
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The Positive and Negative Economic Impacts of London Heathrow Airport Executive summary This present paper is report that mainly sought to identify the economic impact of the London Heathrow Airport, which was classified in this study as a tourism venue/ organization because of the fact that it is a location whereby visitors or tourists enter and depart London or the country from…


The indirect positive impact of the airport is that it provides a ready market for other businesses enterprises that are located within the airport or in adjacent areas. The direct negative positive impact of the airport is that it facilitates that development of artificial inflation while the indirect negative impact is that it reduces the suitability of London as international center for doing business. Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 The positive economic impacts of the London Heathrow Airport 4 2.1 Direct positive economic impacts 4 2.2 Indirect positive economic impacts 6 3.0 The negative economic impacts of the London Heathrow Airport 7 3.1 Direct negative economic impacts 8 3.2 Indirect negative economic impacts 9 4.0 Conclusions 10 References 11 Inkson, C. and Minnaert, L. 2012. Tourism Management: An Introduction. London, UK: Sage Publications 12 1.0 Introduction This present paper is a report that is entirely focused on analyzing a hospitality venue or organization and the economic impact of the venue/ organization. ...
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